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Natchez's Journey Back to Trust

When we found Natchez she was outside a gas station, wounded and afraid.

After Wags rescued her from a busy traffic area, she was safe. But her story kept unfolding. As we put weight on her and let her abrasions healed, her smile started to emerge and she made friends. We let her go at her own pace because it was clear that she had some fear issues. We saw she had a broken tooth so during her spay appointment our good friends

at 2222 vet did an x-ray.

Natchez had shrapnel throughout her body.

We were shocked and saddened to see shrapnel in her jaw and throughout her body in the x-ray. We don't know exactly how this happened but it broke our hearts to think of this sweet little girl running in fear and pain for her life.

Natchez and her new family.

Resilient Natchez only moved forward. She never gave up and showed nothing but love for us. We are thrilled to tell you that our sweet Natchez found her happily ever after and we couldn’t be more satisfied with this match. They became a family instantly and she told us with her eyes,

"It's ok to leave me here. I'm good now."

Thank you being part of Wags and supporting dogs like Natchez. We can do so much with you supporting us.

Donate now to help more dogs like Natchez.

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