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About Capiche

Her Full Story

Capiche owner suddenly died recently. She is about 9 years old. She has been on the go, pregnant or nursing or whole life. Living in cars with her litters as her owner was homeless but usually always had a car. She has had large litters about twice a year since her first heat with multiple different fathers. All her puppies were given away for free too young or died. 

Capiche is a lab mix. She loves to sunbathe and play fetch. She LOVES to snuggle and just be with people. She is good with other dogs, great on a leash and in the car, and loves to go anywhere with you! Capiche is looking for a nice place to relax and retire. Preferably somewhere calm. Although, she is good with kids we think a home without any young children would be great for her! 

She has been spayed, microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated! 

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