Become a Wags Foster

Why Foster?

Because it is a rewarding experience and because your home may be exactly what a dog needs to feel loved, learn to trust and live in a human house. Older dogs or dogs recovering from surgery especially do better in a home like environment while we search for their forever people.  

How Long Can I Expect to Foster a Dog?

The length of time varies. Some dogs need more time because of age, illness, injury, or behavioral needs. Foster experiences can range from a couple of weeks to months so it helps if you can tell us your expectations or ability.


What are the Responsibilities of a Wags' Foster?

  • Provide a safe, clean, caring environment

  • Provide food, water, toys/enrichment and shelter

  • Provide exercise and socialization

  • Monitor any medical conditions and/or behavioral traits

  • Transport to/from vet appointments and adoption events