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Basil and Rosemary find a place to blossom

These two little girls came to Wags after being rescued off the streets by Kelly Alison. Basil had a severe embedded collar wound and needed several months of care and rehab. Unfortunately this is a common injury we see on puppies. They grow quickly but the collar isn't adjusted so the collar grows into their necks - a bad, heartbreaking situation.

Basil and Rosemary

These sweet little girls didn't let that stop them from being happy-go-lucky pups at Wags. We are thrilled to report that both are now healthy, happy and in wonderful homes. Rosemary lives in Cedar Park with a young family and a little boy that is her kindred spirit. The moment they met, they became BFF’s. They celebrated their new friendship by doing zoomies together around and around the living room.

Basil is now a downtown Austin dog and loving it. Her people are crazy about her and her new K9 brother Clancy adores his little sister. We get pictures of them snuggled together all around their house. We couldn’t be happier for you guys!!!

What a joy it has been to watch your transformation.

Thank you My Peaceful Paws Veterinary Surgical Solutions for being our partners in healing Basil. To everyone who donates, we thank you. None of these stories would be possible without you.

Donate now to help more dogs like Basil and Rosemary.

Basil and her brother Clancy love to nap together.

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