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Road to Recovery

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

These young Catahoula mix puppies were abandoned and picked up as strays by Victoria Texas Animal Control at 6 weeks old. Our Wags lead in Victoria, Toya Stone, noted the pups at the VAC shelter during a visit.

Almost two weeks later the pups were still there. It was clear their health was declining as they looked emaciated and had developed a skin condition. One of our Wags volunteers and fosters who happened to be present assisting Toya agreed to foster all five of the babies. The vet diagnosed them with Parvo, Coccidia, and a bacterial infection. Their future looked bleak. Little Reid and Blue (below) were skin and bones.

Blue was skin and bones when we pulled him.
Blue was skin and bones when we pulled him.

Yet after two weeks of around the clock care following an at-home Parvo regimen and veterinarian care, all five pups pulled through. 

These little guys have had a rough journey in their start to life but they have all shown they have a strong will to live!

All five are now happy, playful puppies who will soon go to their forever homes where they will be warm, safe, and loved.

These stories can't happen without your support. Thank you for all you do.

Blue was skin and bones

If you'd like to help other dogs in Victoria, you can donate to our Wags, Hope and Healing Victoria fund!

The babies are now happy and healthy!

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