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Wags Expansion Property Update!

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

We've got some video footage to share with you to show you updates on the Wags expansion work we've been doing! Apologies for the grainy-ness of the videos as these were filmed with an iPhone but we are dying to get these images out to you. Clearer video footage to come!

The first video is a tour of the Wags building currently under construction. This will house our rescue dogs in kennels and the Wags office.

This second video shows a barn that came with the property. Right now the workers are using this to cover materials and tools from the rain.

In the video below you'll see the new piggie home where Snowball, Shirley, Tu-Pork and Piggie Smalls live together. Check out their little piggie houses! We painted these old dog houses that were on the property to brighten them up for the piggies.

Here is the donkey pen where our mini rescue donkeys are staying. We have one pregnant mama who should be having her baby any day now!

Next we have our new chicken coop. You can tell our chickens are quite happy in their new home. Some of these chickens came from the Caldwell Texas hoarding case we handled in early summer. You can see how healthy the chickens look now that they have their feathers back!

Finally, this is our Wags pavilion. This structure was built by the previous owners. It has an outdoor kitchen and an open seating area which we've turned into a meet and greet covered area for potential adopters!

That's where we are so far! Exciting isn't it? If you want to see it in real life, feel free to stop by! We are happy to show you around!

Want to help out? Email to schedule a volunteer day to come on out!

You can also make a donation here!

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