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Wags Announces New Spay & Neuter Program in Partnership with Bastrop Shelter

"Shiloh wasn't my dog but I'm so glad I have her now." -Raymond, Shiloh's owner

“Shiloh was living here when I moved in and she had a microchip. I called and called but her previous owners wouldn’t come back for her. I wasn’t really looking for a dog but I’m so glad I have her now. She’s a really good dog and keeps me company.” -Raymond

Shiloh and Raymond

After bringing two of Shiloh’s litters to the Bastrop Shelter, the intake desk told Raymond about Wags. It was our pleasure to pick Shiloh up at Raymond's and bring her to our inaugural Bastrop Spa(y) Day. We’ve been working for months now to launch a large scale Spay/Neuter program in Bastrop County and after lots of meetings, presentations and preparation, it is a reality. Our pilot was a success and in just a few hours, we fixed, vaccinated and microchipped 14 dogs and 6 cats. The focus of this program will be on the animals in the county that are directly contributing to shelter intake. Please help us by donating to sponsor more of these Spa(y) Days and be our partner in prevention! We can do so much through this program!

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