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Offsite Projects

There are plenty of things you can do to help the doggies without even leaving your home!

Here are some fun things you can help us with:

  • Make rice socks for spay day warmers - these keep puppies and kittens warm as they recover from surgery

  • Host a community collection drive and gather supplies from our wish list

  • Make training and enrichment equipment for our facility like wobble boards, agility courses or playscapes

Volunteer at the Wags' Facility

Maintaining our facility is a constant priority.  There's ALWAYS something that needs to be done! As you can imagine, a facility where doggies live and play, in combination with our unpredictable Texas weather, sees quite a bit of wear and tear. Throughout the year we have maintenance projects that need to be done. Examples include fence repair, tree trimming, painting, doggie playscape repair, and kennel maintenance. We can also use help with onsite dog care, cleaning, and socialization​. The dogs love visitors and puppies especially need to meet lots of faces before adoption.  

Looking for a fun company or team volunteer project? Maybe you're pursuing your Eagle Scout badge and have a great project in mind. Whatever your interest, we'd love to have you.

Here are some fun things you can help us with:

  • Puppy socialization

  • Fence building

  • Painting play-yard equipment

  • Construction projects


Email us for more information on setting up a project or volunteer day at Wags! Don't worry, we'll put you to work!

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