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Shop our Amazon Wishlist

Shop for supplies for Wags on Amazon!  Don't forget to use and have your order delivered direct to Wags. Shop at and Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to us.

Donate Supplies for the Dogs & our Outreach Programs

You can mail any items to: P.O. Box 340486, Austin, TX 78734.  To arrange pick-up or drop-off, email us at  You can also drop off at the Tomlinson's Lakeway location.


  • Squeaky toys and chews, any manner of dog toy!

  • Puppy piddle pads (human incontinence pads are cheaper!)

  • Training treats

  • Scent oils for enrichment

  • Antibiotics and any unused pet meds

  • Frontline spray 

  • Baggies

  • Bathmats and rugs

  • Towels and sheets (no stuffing please)

  • Cleaning supplies of any kind

  • Exercise pens 

  • Small dog martingale collars

  • Flea & tick preventative

  • Hay & straw

  • Dogloos and doghouses (for outreach)

  • Medium to extra large crates

  • Large dog beds

  • Dog pen style fencing (for outreach)

  • Post surgery elizabethan collar / cones for our outreach spay/neuter clients

  • Galvanized buckets & carabiner clips (for outreach)

  • Outdoor furniture for our meet and greet areas

  • Outdoor shading 

  • Office supplies of any kind

  • Tubs for water cool downs and misters

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