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Rescue. Rehabilitation. Outreach. Enrichment.

These four words are the pillars of our mission.

"We  count ourselves lucky to spend every day with these amazing dogs.  They are my heroes.  No matter what life throws at them, they still love us and wake up every day with no ache for the past…only joy in the new day."

-Jennifer Carroll


Our Mission


How is Wags Unique?


We are passionate about dogs and you can see it when you visit the rescue or one of our foster homes. The Wags kennel buildings are built with peace and enrichment in mind.  Our kennels have enough space for each dog to have their own apartment, climate control and access to play yards including pools and playscapes.  We want them to be enriched and happy. We also have a medical area where we can isolate dogs coming into the rescue and provide for those who need special care recovering from surgery, illness or injury.  

We keep our numbers at around 5 - 10 dogs for adoption at any one time.  We want quality adoptions, quality care and the chance to get to know our dogs before we place them. 

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Rescuing animals from death, cruelty, abuse, neglect & homelessness



Rehabilitate and find loving homes for animals who were victims of abandonment, abuse or neglect



Providing resources for pets and their owners to keep pets in their homes, off the streets and out of shelters.

Spay & Neuter program to combat overpopulation and promote health. To support this we provide low cost and free services to our community. 



Enrichment for those in our care and advocacy for animals by supporting our community leaders and law enforcement, partnering with them to make decisions and take action that protects animals from cruelty and neglect. 

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