Spay / Neuter Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare my pet for spay/neuter surgery?

  • Make sure you have a clean, dry place for your pet to go home to after surgery.  They will still be feeling a little groggy from anesthesia and need to rest in a safe place

What do I need to do after surgery?

  • If you have a female dog or cat, make sure they are protected from mating for 10 days.

  • If you your dog was sent home with a cone, keep the cone on for at least 5 days to prevent licking.

  • If you have an outdoor pet, keep them inside for at least a day while they fully recover from anesthesia.

  • Monitor the incision daily for the week post-surgery. If you see any redness, heat or discharge, contact us.

My dog/cat may be in heat or pregnant.  Can she still be spayed?

  • In most cases, yes.  We will examine your pet prior to surgery and hold off on the surgery if we think there is a significant risk.

Is this free?

  • This is a pay what you can program.   You will NOT be refused services if you can’t pay.  To keep this program running, our recommended donation price is $129 for the dog package and $69 for the cat package. 

How do I determine if I am eligible?

  • This program is for residents of Bastrop County.

Do I need to bring my pet's vaccination records?

  • Yes, if your pet was previously vaccinated for rabies.  If you don't have records, we will include a rabies vaccination in your pet's services. 

What if I only need vaccinations or a microchip?

  • Bastrop Animal Services has an affordable wellness clinic for non-surgical services. Click HERE for more information. 

Do I have to get vaccinations and the microchip with the package?

  • No, you can opt out of anything except spay or neuter and rabies vaccination. If your pet was previously vaccinated for rabies, bring records and we can leave off the rabies vaccination.

Can my cryptorchid pet be neutered?

  • Yes, descended testicles are at risk of becoming cancerous. 

Will neutering my male cat stop him from urine marking?

  • A cat that is currently spraying urine will typically continue this behavior for up to 6 months after the neutering procedure due to testosterone remaining in the cat’s system. 

Can my male pet still impregnate a female after he is neutered?

  • Yes, sperm can live in the "plumbing" for 4 - 6 weeks after neuter. 

I want to get my pet(s) fixed but I can't get to the clinic. What should I do?

  • Contact us and explain the situation. We will do our best to get you fixed up. 

What is ear tipping and why would I do this?

  • If your cat spends time outdoors, ear tipping can make sure your cat is easily identifiable to cat colony caretakers. When a cat is ear tipped, a very small part of the tip of the ear is surgically removed.  It helps people see that this cat is already spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  If your cat spends time outdoors and doesn't have an ear tip, it is possible that it will be trapped and taken to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  For more information click here.

What if I have a lot of animals?

  • No problem.  We will work with you to make a plan to get your pets fixed.

What is the earliest I can get my pet spayed/neutered?

  • We can safely spay/neuter at at 2 months of age and 2 lbs for both puppies and kittens. 

Do you have a weight limit?

  • No max weight limit.  Just let us know your pets approximate size ahead of time so we have space ready.  Minimum weight is 2 lbs for puppies and kittens. 

What if I can't pick my pet up on time?

  • Any pets not picked up by 3:45 pm will be checked into the shelter and may be subject to a reclaim fee.

Don't see your question here?  Email us and ask!

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