Female | 1.5 years
✓ Spayed
✓ Up to Date on Vaccinations

✓ Ready for adoption 

When Grace first came to us at Wags, she looked like she had swallowed a bag of balloons. She was absolutely huge and as her puppies started coming, we realized why - she had 16 little ones inside of her! 


She was emaciated, her skin was a mess and she lacked energy. That didn’t stop her from being an amazing mother to her puppies and as the weeks went by, we were able to start giving her medicated baths to help her skin heal and some basic care to help her body.


Today, Grace’s skin is healed and she enjoys her baths. Now we can start thinking about what comes next for Grace!

We suspect Grace had very little interaction with humans as she is shy, but once she gets to know you, she does come out of her shell. Grace loves to be near her favorite people but would prefer to not be the center of attention, she gets nervous when all eyes are on her. She LOVES her treats and really appreciates soft cuddly blankets and beds. 


Grace will mimic other dogs, which can be good or bad. We would prefer her to be in a home with another dog that is already well behaved as she will learn from watching the other dog how to behave in a home. If the other dog is behaviorally challenged, Grace will follow suit. She is very playful with other dogs but does listen when they tell her to back off. We would like to see her in a home with a dog more around her size. We are looking for a home that is not too active. Older kids are ideal as she gets spooked very easily. Things need to move slowly around her until she feels comfortable in her space.


Grace is vocal. She will talk to you and it's adorable. But because of this, she needs to not be an apartment dog. She loves being outside and running zoomies in the yard. A nice yard for her is important. She has been off leash a couple of times with our directors' dog and comes back to a whistle. We will continue to work with her on her recall.


Grace is now spayed, micro-chipped, dewormed, on flea and heartworm prevention, heartworm negative. She likely spent some time chained up as her bottom front teeth are worn and broken. They will likely need to be pulled and Wags will gladly pay for that, however, we would like for her to get into a foster or adopted first so she has someone to be there with her during that recovery period. This time spent together will also be a good bonding time for a new adopter.


If you think Grace might be the dog for you, please get in touch! If you know someone that's looking for a sweet, playful girl, please let them know about Grace!